Concretor Service in Canberra

Mino’s Concretor service in Canberra is offering relentless service in all aspects of commercial, domestic and rural concreting. Its been 32 years since Mino's Concretor in Canberra has been providing top class service to homeowners, contractors, builders, and designers with decorative concrete techniques and applications through their highly qualified team.
At Mino's Concretor in Canberra, we consider everything before arriving at the accurate and fairest rate. We discuss two vital factors with our clients and these are their requirements and expectations.

Concretor in Canberra

We have open communication with our clients regarding their requirements and expectation and guarantee of the completion of your project with the utmost care and details.

Not only in concreting, but Mino also specializes in concrete polishing. Regardless of the type of surface, our team has the expertise to assess and offer the best solution in bringing out the best beauty of your floor.

We consider 100% client satisfaction before arriving at the accurate and the fairest rate. In other words, we provide customized rates to our clients best suited to their needs. Giving the best services to our clients is what matters to us the most.

Why Choose Us

Coloured Concrete

The best attribute of decorative and colored concrete is that each finished product is totally unique nearly in any shape, pattern, texture, or design. The various diverse designs and the extensive palette of colors that we help you to choose from and then the amazing transformation that you will receive from our end will be worth your investment

Stamped Concrete

At Mino’s Concretor in Canberra we provide our clients with the best quality stamped quality services in Canberra. Your driveways and walkways and look extensively good with stamped concrete. One of the best things about stamped concrete is that you can use a variety of stamps to imitate the look of tiles or natural cobblestones, granite, etc.

Stencil Concrete

Stencil concrete has been in huge demand in Canberra. If bored with the old dull and plain finishes, we offer you a large selection of patterns to choose from

Mino’s concretor and excavation service in Canberra offers professional Excavation Services for both Residential and Commercial Construction projects in Canberra. We use the best excavation equipment and machinery for our projects and maintain a professional approach and timely completion of all our projects.