Mino's Excavation Service in Canberra

Mino’s concretor & excavation services in canberra offers professional excavation services. Excavation has an important role in any construction project. We are a leading excavation services provider in Canberra. We use the finest excavation equipment and machinery for our projects. Our team of experts are highly trained and qualified to provide exceptional services to our clients and patrons. We use all types of excavation processes as and when required.

Mino's Excavation Service in Canberra

  • Excavation by material- Topsoil excavation, Rock excavation, muck excavation and earth excavation
  • Excavation by purpose- Cut and Fill Excavation, Trench Excavation, Basement Excavation and Dredging

We undertake commercial as well as residential excavation projects and provide excavation services at the most best price in Canberra.

Our Other Services Include Mino’s Concretor and Mino’s Polishing

Mino’s Concreting- If you are looking for the best concrete flooring services in Canberra then Mino’s is the answer. Some of our products are naturally decorative and can be used anywhere.We always try and make sure that you have the best concrete flooring finish.

Our concreting service experts will help you provide the look as per your need and at reasonable prices.

Mino’s Polishing- Mino’s polishing services offers polished concrete flooring across Canberra. Concrete polishing services are offered to residential, commercial and industrial premises and constructions. From small domestic polished concrete floors to large industrial warehouses we serve everyone.We use a number of polishing styles such as rustic style finish, variable finishand exposed aggregate finish.However client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Mino's Concreting & Excavation Service in Canberra offers three types of services and these are COLOURED CONCRETE, STAMPED CONCRETE, and STENCIL CONCRETE.


Stencil concrete is also known as a patterned concrete this is a process of includes laying a stenciled design over cement. It is one of the procedures utilized by concrete remerging specialists to give a solid surface a smart and unmistakable look.


A stamped concrete is also known as textured or imprinted concrete. Stamped concrete is mostly applied in floors and sidewalks A stamped concrete is a reasonable material for pretty much anything, and including shading makes something energetic and appealing at an affordable expense.


Coloured concrete is that type of concrete that has specific color added in to it. Plain concrete is a handy material for pretty much anything, and including shading makes something dynamic and appealing at a practical expense.